Business solutions

Thoke is a hight-tech IT systems software house, with many years of experience in design, production and implementation of proprietary software for insurance and banking industry.

We use modern IT solutions, based on Internet technologies, relational databases and scalable platforms. Thoke does not limit itself to the use of accepted standards and technologies available on the market but reaches for custom developed, unique solutions. We offer our clients comprehensive software and hardware solutions, providing a professional service rendered via remote support services, and modern logistics base. We employ highly qualified specialists: analysts, designers, system engineers, programmers, developers and technicians.



Advanced system for dedicated content preparation and presentation (copy, images, videos, animations, research and polls)

Optimization tool for promotional campaigns which allow for achieving goals and costs control
A tool for presenting thorough statistics of employees’ activity

Document conversion
Data management
Geolocalisation and tracking


Free trial pass – complimentary one day pass to the nearest gym club.
Simple one-click ordering
Customer database acquisition
Personalized sales promotion

Stable sales system
Administrating 100 000 users
Integration with all Polish banks
Business entities verification and authentication system, integrated with fraud database

Payment system:
- membership rates
- additional member services included in gym membership
- automatization of massive payments


Complete business solutions for B2B

Mikroprzetarg ™ – software solution for micro pitching
Affiliation network based on Way2traffic platform
Complete solutions for small business:
web design
social media profiles
call center with IVR functionality


Architecture and UX design